An Allegory of Survival: A Flower in the Desert

This post shared by a wonderful reader at Crying out for Justice states how our Lord can turn around the nightmare of living with an abuser into a beautiful redemptive story .

A Cry For Justice

There was a beautiful flower that flourished in the desert.  God loved her as if she was the only one in existence, as the center of His universe. She loved Him as well day and night, for He was her Creator. One day, she met a handsome plant.  He appeared to be a gentleman, and convinced the flower that he too, loved God, the Creator.  They quickly bonded in love and became as one.  She loved him as God had shown her how to truly love another.

As time passed, confusion rose and distorted the flower’s perception of the plant.  Gradually, she began to feel sad and weak, and didn’t understand why.  The handsome plant made many promises, but never followed thru.  He extracted the best of the flower’s love.  He never gave anything in return, but watched the flower fall. The plant’s intention was to grow stronger, so that…

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