The performing Abuser

Job place abusers and other abusers like to strategically locate themselves to be seen by their targets while they perform.

These people can be as common as your spouse or a supposed friend, or even a fellow employee of equal or higher position than you.

The reason they target innocent victims can stem from secret envy or contempt or because the spirit in them recognises and opposes the spirit of Christ in the believer.

Ive learned not to look at them when they are “performing” which can be-MUCH OF THE TIME-.

They do it to convince you- (their target) of their “projected” contrived reality.

(Which is probably a lie in the making.)

Insted of watching their staged performances, I keep a “mental GPS” on them or track them only peripherally , WHILE I FOCUS on my Job duties and ACTIVITIES. 

I do not to look at them durring this time of them performing.

This way they percieve they have lost their target audience. ( the believer in Christ.)

Offer no eye contact to them, “unless” they speak directly to you, or address you personally.

(This way you dont encourage or validate their performing lies.)

This game reversal is all about who is really more comfortable in their skin, and validating the true reality.

True christians are  generally confident in their skin, and nothing is contrived- because they are comfortable with themselves and flow in their element of truth.

Abusers however try to convince their “target” audience by getting them to watch their contrived acting  facade..

“You will notice that while they are performing, they will look to see if you are watching- as this is part of their plan.

But when the intended target is not intrested or watching, then- the goal of performance projection for the abuser becomes frustrated.

It is very important to the abuser that you pay attention, but instead if you keep yourself busy- it will take from their end goal, and wont validate their efforts.

(And if they cant convince their targets of their “contrived” reality- they ultimately wont be able to convince themselves.)

They can not keep up this false pretence “without the watching reward”  from their “target” audience.(you)

I have found that by employing this counter tactic when the believer sences a performing abuser in his or her midst, over time (the truth) will become THE  sustained reality .